Happy Valentine

Love Season- Confessed Season for boyfriend and girlfriends, Artclick launched more new gifts which you could give someone special. Chocolate gifts can be indispensable in the Valentine's Day, but chocolate couldnt hold in longterm but gifts coming from Artclick will be eternal proof for your love. Valentine's Day is not only for youngsters but even the middle-aged people may consider this day as the day warms to longtime love. Dont be hesitate, order now so that our gifts could show your love to your beloved one.


If your girlfriend is a workalohic and keen on writing on the notepad, this kind of notepad is a suitable  and useful gift as you can engrave  her name on the cover and print your photo on the first layout.

 Price: 195.000vnd
- Engraving fee: plus 50.000vnd
- Printing Photo on the first layout: plus 50.000vnd
** DIscount 10% if ordering before 10/2
- Buy here: https://goo.gl/qdmj8Q


Desk calendar which reminds your girl of the memorable and important events is designed with 1 photo side and 1 number side. You can design by yourself and mark the importand days of both you such as the first date.... 
 Price: 218.000vnd (14x14cm 2 sided printing)
 Price: 325.000vnd (20x20cm- 2 sided printing)
** DIscount 10% if ordering before 10/2
- Buy here: https://goo.gl/Tcj1ib


If your girl love the romance, Love photo frame is a gentle and meaningful gift which replace your words to her.
 Price: 250.000vnd
** DIscount 10% if ordering before 10/2
- Buy here: https://goo.gl/QHeq86


If both of you have too much memories and you would like to have a luxury photo gift, Photobook set is an ideal gift.

 Price: 501.000vnd
** Including:
- Layflat photobook (size: 15x21cm - 20 pages - Couche - Photo wrapping cover)
- Wood photoframe (photo size 6.4 x 8.9cm)
- Premium leather box
* Printing words on ruban: plus 30.000vnd
** DIscount 30% if ordering before 10/2
- Buy here::https://goo.gl/qVrMye


Set Valentine Photobook 2 

  Price: 591.000vnd 


  • Layflat photobook (12x12 cm - 20 pages - Couche paper - Photo wrapping cover) 
  • Rose photo frame
  • Premium leather box

** DIscount 35% if ordering before 10/2
- Buy here:: https://goo.gl/dZdw6J

- Photobook designing tại đây 

    Let me go with you.

Love box LB01 | Price:150.000vnd

Love box opens a zigzac album covering love through your photos or love sayings. Designing and ordering at Here.


Keep me on your desk   

Love Box LB02 | Price: 250.000vnd

 Romantic Transparent mica box with handmade rose and a zigzac album

Designing and ordering at Here

*Free notebook with image cover

   Rose is pink.Our story is beautiful.

Love box LB03 | Price: 295.000vnd

Love story is be shown sweetly in mini photobook put in transparent mica box attached handmade rose.

*Free notebook with image cover

Show me your true love    

Set Mini Canvas MCP | Price: 190.000vnd (S), 250.000vnd/(M)

Simplely, only a photo and a message of love that make your heart to be melt , right?

 More information at here

*Free notebook with image cover

   Let me in your heart

Love Box LB04 | Price: 250.000vnd 

Set mini photobook with couple keychains covering your and image wrapping box. This gift's pretty special and personalized from the outside to inside.


   Write me a note of love.   

Love Note LN01 | Price: 200.000vnd

Set including zigzac box and mini notebook - 52 weeks printing your photobook

Designing and ordering at Here


Beside, Artclick has more other products you can use as a gift for Valentine season. More information at Here.