With a variety of specifications as well as materials for the calendar, ArtClick is proud to bring more choices to customers about the variety of designs.

Desk calendar with the wooden stand material will provide a sturdy - solid for the combination of warm brown and luxurious wood will make the calendar more luxurious. In addition, the frame of the calendar stand is cut by laser in a sophisticated manner with the eye catches Artwork, so you can put a picture of your loved one in your family and put it on your desk.

Desk Calendar (LBW):

  • Size of the calendar: 15x15cm - 13 pages with 2 slides
  • The laser photo frame: 8x13cm
  • The wooden stand

Price from: 605.000vnd (*)

(*) the price is included VAT, Not including design service fee and shipping fee

Best Friend (LBW01V)



Love (LBW02V)

de-lich-2.png lich-ban-de-go-khac-laser-artclick3.png

Happy (LBW03V)

de-lich-3.png lich-ban-de-go-khac-laser-artclick2.png

Personalised Calendar template