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Coated Paper

- Coated paper with glossy and matte surface

- Weights: 120, 150, 180, 200, 250, 300 gsm

- Colors: Ultra white

- Most popular and economical paper for offset printing for general commercial printing.


- Weights: 170, 190, 250, 300 (gsm)

- Colors: New white

- Surface: Rough

- Art Paper , is a highly economical paper. Yet there is no compromise on quality! With its high opacity and unique natural whiteness, Econo is capable of providing optimal legibility and superb printability.

Felix E-photo paper

- Weights: 190, 260 (gsm)

- Colors: Alpine White

- Surface: Lustre

- Guaranteed look and feel of traditional photographic paper. Excellent runnability, toner adhesion. Water and dirt resistance, high whiteness. Superb folding and creasing properties. High ageing resistance (200+ years tested by Wilhelm Institute of Research)

- Particularly suited to producing professional photo books. Portraits, calendars and poster prints also benefit from the exceptional photo quality.


- Weights: 115, 150 gsm

- Colors: Creamy white

- Surface: Velvet.

- Superior stiffness, excellent runnability with a consequent perfect print result.

- Combines high bulk with a smooth velvet surface and excellent printability ensuring an exceptional “loving touch”.

Rendezvouse (Mộc)

- Weights: 130, 190, 210, 240 gsm

- Colors: Ultra white, nature white

- No. 1 seller in premium rough gloss printing paper market in Korea for many years, it features unmatched natural surface, bulkiness, printing performance, and quick drying time.