My baby Diary

The first moments of a baby are precious moments of the first time - the first time the baby rolls, the first time the baby crawls, the first time baby eats and the first footsteps of life. 

The greatest happiness of parents is to see their children grow up and be healthy. Your baby's moments of growing up each day - from newborn to your baby get 1-year-old, the first day of school, the day of graduation and even the moment of your baby get married. The time will pass away very quickly that we do not realize that your baby is grown up. The first few moments of your child will not be seen again.

What will you do for your baby on Children's day 1/6?

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Let's keep the first moments of your baby or the moment of a baby from now on in Photobook Diary so that when your baby grows up you have the memories of old photos telling the grandchildren about their father/mother, How adorable it was when your baby was childhood.

The new template for Baby


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One of the most important moments of your child's day is to welcome a little angel to your family, the day your baby is looking forward to blowing the candle, having a birthday cake with your friends and relatives, family. It is a difficult thing for fathers and mothers to think how to make these special moments for your children perfectly and unique. But you are assured with the theme of this month for Baby, Artclick brings the idea of "UNIQUE" so you can make gifts for your baby on birthday. It is a unique birthday GALLERY table dedicated to the baby. What is the birthday gallery table?  How to choose the style of it and decorate to be "SPECIAL" for your baby?

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Besides, Artclick also gives you a birthday decoration Collection on the birthday Gallery table with 8 ideas "Artclick" style that makes your party more unique and "SPECIAL" to the guests and especially the owner of the party. see more