Wall-mounted photo frames are one of the top chosen methods for decorating your home to be different and create a unique impression for the owner.

In addition, you can also decorate cafes, bars, and restaurants with large photo wall frames.

Photo wall frames include:

  • Imitation wooden frame is durable, compact, waterproof and termite, luxurious and reasonable in price
  • The glass is shiny, thin and light, keeping the image durable and avoiding dirt over time.
  • Moisture-proof pads.
  • Photo cage wall photo frame.


Size: 45x45cm - Price: 698.500vnd


Size: 60x90cm - Price: 550.000vnd 


Size: 15x15cm - Price: 594.500vnd 
Size: 25x25cm - Price: 981.000vnd

Size: 30x30cm - Price: 1.194.000vnd


Size: 26x35cm - Price: 198.000vnd 


Size: 25x34cm - Price: 165.000vnd 


Size: 23x23cm - Price: 165.000vnd 

(*The price is included VAT, Not including design service fee and shipping fee)