Spring Fair in Bristish International Shool - HCM city

With the bustling and exciting atmosphere of Spring Fair 2017 in the British International School in Ho Chi Minh City on a beautiful Sunday, March 26, 2017, Artclick brought to you the interesting activities  which help you and your family have a meaningful playground on the weekend such as drawing on the face, take pictures free, ....


The babies was pretty enthusiatic to painting masks on their faces:

The colorful masks made them more outstanding and special than others

Then, all of you were taken shoots for free with your friends and family...

and came back home with a tiny gift from Artclick. A photo was used for decorating their own room.

Artclick Booth in Spring Fair:

 Artclick is very happy and honored to play an important role in helping you to save good memories when attending this event. Certainly, after many years, as you grow up, the picture you received at the Spring Fair will be a precious gift, an unforgettable memory in your childhood years.