Birthday Gallery Table For Kid

Birthday is an important day for each person, especial Kids who have been waiting for that day for a long time. Parents who always want to make a special birthday party for their kids on that day.


Gallery table is a very new idea for parents to make birthdays or cushions for their children. Because galleries are used in many wedding parties. - A place to welcome guests right in front of the wedding hall is decorated decorations so thoughtful and eye-catching, impressing guests with photos which full of the love of bride and groom. The fresh flowers of romance with beautiful candles are one of the indispensable elements for the gallery table for the wedding.

The birthday gallery table for Kids and baby also can not lack these elements. In addition to the funny pictures, fresh colors which according to each favorite cartoon theme of kids. Especially, The birthday gallery decoration requires a high creativity as well as attract the curiosity of kids and guests


Let's make a unique birthday party for your baby with simple following steps: 

Step1: Preparation for the space of birthday party

You can choose the space at home, at entertainment area, at the convention center,... If you can plane the space of your party, that means you can make a decoration of your gallery table beautiful and impressive

Step2: Determination the theme for the gallery table

The theme of the gallery is also the hobbies of your baby. If you define the theme you can create and make the decorations for the birthday gallery table more attractive

  • Baby girl: Love pink with the theme of the sea, princess, fairy,... are loved and received the most
  • Baby boy: The theme of cartoons, superheroes,... always inspire and attack them

Determination the theme is very important things before decorating the birthday gallery table for your baby. It will be more meaningful and catching-eye for baby


"Strawberry Princess" for baby girl


Superhero "Badman" theme is for baby boy

Step3: Preparation accessories for decorating the birthday gallery table 

Even traditional or modern parties are indispensable accessories on the table: birthday cake, flowers, party image, cupcake, fruit,... 

Firstly, A birthday cake that you can buy one or many floors depending on how many guests in your party. The design of birthday cake can be created following the hobbies and the theme of the party


Put a flower next to a birthday cake, plastic flowers or paper flowers, fresh flowers also make a highlight for the party. Do not forget the lovely photos of your cute baby next to the cake! Finally, the accompanying accessories can be designed by cutting paper, cardboard, and foam into animated characters and baby elements. So the preparation of birthday table decoration for the baby is complete.





Step4: Decoration for the table birthday party

You should decorate the birthday cake in the center of the table, surrounded by motifs, decorative accessories attached. So the table will attract the look as well as bright spots by candlelight. This is one of the simplest ways to decorate a simple birthday table that is effective.


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Besides, the party also added more such as pictures, photos, favorite characters. Add more balloons to the birthday table more vivid and more impressive



That's all, the basic steps for parents to make a special and only birthday party for their children and full of eye-catching to the guests.

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