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To protect your photobook or make it a beautiful gift, we also offer different types of boxes.

It can be a full customized box that fits perfectly with your book with your own design photo on the box. 

It also can be a pre-made box with nice design - cover by leather or fine art paper.

Price for full customized boxes (size in cm):


   Size          Price
  15x21          85.000 VND
  30x21        175.000 VND
  30x42        350.000 VND
  30x45        375.000 VND
  15x15          85.000 VND
  20x20        110.000 VND
  30x30        250.000 VND

Price for pre-made boxes:
  30x42x2.5        250.000 VND
  20x20x2.5         70.000 VND
  25x25x2.5       130.000 VND 
  30x30x2.5       150.000 VND
  30x30x3.5       180.000 VND
You also still can customize your name on these box with foil printing in silver/ gold/ red/ blue and pink foil with addional cost of 50,000vnd.