The design software instruction

How To Make A Photobook For Yourself

Step 1: Register An Account

You can register an account by your personal email or click  "Continue without register" to start your design

log in.png

Step 2: Create your project

Create a name for your project such as  "Albert Trip Album ". And then click "Create Project"


Step 3:  Upload photos.

Choosing your photos from the photo resource to upload. after clicking "Continue" to design


Step 4: Insert your photos

Dragging and dropping your photos following your design idea for your book


Step 5: The design tools instruction 

A.The design tools on the right of the screen as:

  • Background: you can choose and change other backgrounds of pages
  • Page template: you can choose and change other page templates of pages
  • Clipart: insert the icons following the categories 
  • Mask: insert the masks following the categories.

 For example: Click on "Background", choosing the backgrounds to upload  (From your computer) or choosing some selected the backgrounds on (Cloud). If choosing Cloud, A new window will open for you to select the backgrounds following the categories. after selecting your backgrounds, you drag and drop them into the selected image and continue clicking "import images" to design your book.






B. The design tools under the screen as:

  • Grid: it helps you to keep photos being straight without being distorted and messy

When clicking on Grid - It appears the green grid so that you edit your photos at the bottom of pages to avoid in case of printing your photos are distorted  


  • Background: changes the color of the backgrounds for page 
  • Special Objects: You can insert more the photo frames (containers), Text and QR CODE for the selected pages.



Step 6: Check your order before placing.

When you complete your project, you should check your project again by clicking "Preview" at the main menu to preview your project what you did



Step 7: Place your order.

Finally, You click on "Order" at the main menu to place

Noted: In the Shipping Method, The normal shipping means we use the express delivery service for all provinces and cities except Ho Chi Minh city, so received time is 2-4 days.

The express shipping is for all places in downtown and Artclick staff will ship the order within 1 day with being charged shipment fee. If you are in downtown, you want to save your money shipment, you can choose the CPN and wait for your order 2-3 days 



Importance: After placing your order completely, please confirm your order ID for ArtClick by sending an email to or Hotline: 0918060533