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Choosing "Printing Photo" at Artclick never let you disappointed due to 4 outstanding advantages:
  • New technology - Digital Printing: HP Indigo Press (the best industrial digital printer worldwide).
    • Various of art paper and different size adapting to your request

    • Good price.

    • Free Online designing sofware 

    Paper Options

    • Coated Paper: Coated paper without surface. Weights: 120, 150, 180, 200, 250, 300 gsm. Colors: Ultra white. Most popular and economical paper for offset printing for general commercial printing.
    • Glossy or matte surface: Coated paper with a glossy or matte surface. Weights: 120, 150, 180, 200, 250, 300 gsm. Colors: Ultra white. 
    • Felix E-photo paper: Weights: 190, 260 (gsm). Colors: Alpine White. Guaranteed look and feel of traditional photographic paper. Excellent runnability, toner adhesion. Water and dirt resistance, high whiteness. 
    • Rendezvouse: Weights: 130, 190, 210, 240 gsm. Colors: Ultra white, nature white. It features unmatched natural surface, bulkiness, printing performance, and quick drying time.

    There are 2 most favourite types of photo printing for the youth:

    1. Polaroid: has a white space around the frame

    Size & Price to Quantity


    Order Polaroid 6x9 here


    Order Polaroid 10x13 here

           2. Normal photo: many kinds of photo size for wedding photo, egagement photo, birthday photo, anniversary photo....

    Size & Price to Quantity

    english bang gia in anh_2-02.png

    english bang gia in anh_2-03.png

    english bang gia in anh_2-04.png


    hop-in-anh-10x15-lJHqwZEvTP.jpgPhoto Box
    About 50 photos size 10x15cm. Price: 90.000vnd
    hop-in-anh-september-dAvGUZEpr2.jpgPhoto Paper Box 
    Suitable for the studio as a gift to customers

    You can use online ACbook software on the website for decorating, designing or editing text, the icon on your photo.

    Send a picture and design: HERE