30/4 -1/5

Celebrating 43rd anniversary of  Liberation Day of Vietnam (April 30) and The International Workers' Day (May 1st

Put yourself on that day, Artclick give a Mini Photobook (12x12cm with 20 couche pages) free when you place and design your Photobook 25x25 or 30x30 at the ACBook online design software

Moreover, you can get one free in 2 following gifts when places any size of other photobooks:

  1. Zigzag (7.5x7.5cm) 
  2. Sring Notebook (10x15cm) with a customized cover 
poster san pham 30.4.png
  •  Valid time: from 30 April to 15 May 2018
  • How to get a free gift:

Step 1: Design your book on the online design software (Design now)

Step 2: Add your project to the shopping cart by placing 

Step 3: Choosing a free gift (Mini photobook, Zigzag, Notebook) 

When placing the photobook 25x25 or 30x30, free 1 mini photobook 12x12 (promotion code: MPB30) - design here

When placing other photobook sizes, free 1 Zig zag (promotion code: ZZG30) - design here or free 1 Notebook 10x15 (promotion code: NBLX30) - design here

Step 4: Design your selected gift and add that to the same your shopping cart with your book at step 2

Step 5: Insert your promotion code at “Have a voucher?” in the shopping cart of check out step  for a free gift above

Step 6: Continued to complete your placing process

Note: You have to place 2 products (main book and free gift) in 1 order number and design them on the ACBook online design software

Hurry up! Let's design and get a free gift on this special day