Wedding or Baby Studio products include items such as Photobooks, Photobook Boxes, Printed Wall Paintings, Desktop Photo Frames, decorative products for wedding tables, baby showers, full-month babies, .. and Combo products with the same design tone. Let's explore the product categories as well as the production capacity of Artclick to have a choice of products suitable for potential customers of Studio and Freelancer.


photobook-wedding-artclick-DUzqjB7bmw.pngWedding Photobook
A place to store the best images of the bride and groom on the big wedding day, the wedding photos are carefully invested and taken by professional and enthusiastic photographers.
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photobook-baby-mo-phang-artclick-6OEPp2IEAb.pngBaby Photobook
If you have chosen to invest in a set of quality photos for your baby from professional studios, parents will certainly not refuse to print beautiful pictures of their children as a souvenir.
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bia-photobook-boc-hinh-artclick-YUV1RLQb3L.pngPhotobook Cover
Considered as one of the most important parts of a photobook album, an eye-catching photobook cover will attract viewers' eyes, making the album more attractive and luxurious.
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hop-album-photobook-artclick-EodqwPeNEv.pngAlbum Photobook Box
The choice for studios and customers for the purpose of protecting, keeping the Photoboook longer, or becoming a luxury gift.
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combo-wedding-artclick-IidJmEOEwj.pngWedding Combo
A unique combination, with the same tone between carefully created and designed photobook albums and luxurious album boxes, decorative accessories and accompanying products.
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set-combo-baby-artclick-bb-8-01-2-iRIJhUCpSg.pngBaby Combo
Harmonious combination of products Album photobook and Album box, many small photobooks combine into a long story or Photobook and photo printed products
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ep-go-treo-tuong-artclick-san-pham-cuoi-3RvF6TVIzo.pngOther wedding products
In addition to the Wedding Photo Album, wedding products such as photo frames for the gate or photo frames for the wedding table, gift products for guests and wedding invitations are one of the indispensable elements to create a perfect wedding for the bride. and the groom.
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To reach new customers, it is indispensable for the Marketing activities of the Studio. Products to promote, introduce their brands and services to more customers.
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Why chosing Artclick?
Large production capacity – High product quality.
- Established in 2012, pioneering in the field of large-scale photobook production.
- HP Indigo high-end printer with output of 2000 A3 pages per hour. (Can print 2 sides on many different types of paper from photo paper to art paper, offset).
- Korean flat open binding line, Italian PUR Mongana binding machine and many other finished machines to meet large quantities in a short time.
- Using exclusive genuine ink and high-quality photo paper and photobooks imported from Germany and Korea to ensure color, durability and delicate sharpness in the binding.
Good service
- Fast processing time.
- Support color correction, layout.
- Products are always innovative, diverse and creative.
- Competitive price
(Photo 1) Digital printing awards – Asia Pacific and Japan in Singapore, 2015
Photo 2.3) Best Award in HP Photobook category – Asia Pacific and Japan in Korea, 2018
(*)    Artword Awards
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