Family Yearbook

Celebrate your family, your lives and your accomplishments with style in the beautiful Family Yearbook photo book. Bold backgrounds, on-trend mixed typography and stunning artwork bring a smile to every page. An array of layouts allows you to design collages, dramatic portraits that span the gutter and fun collections of photographs to highlight birthdays, travel destinations and anniversaries. Room for personal quotes is included. Family Yearbook is part of our Family Photo Books Collection and is needed so that your children could save and keep unforgetable memories and events in their childhood. Some templates following:


1./ Pink color reminds of a happy and cosy year with your family, this template which covers over 80 photo frames requires many photos but the timeline's clear and not messy. See more


2./ Blue color presents a year of much interesting and new things for you and your family. Choose outstanding events following every months to add photo frames. See more


3./ With many exotic patterns, this template is quite creative and consistent with a brilliant year, along with glorious achievements. At each pages, there 're familiar topics such as birthdays, travel, .... and the appropriate icons you can use to add the photos to fit them. See more


4./ Simlply, two colors: black and white, Landscape Photobook with typography about season in a year will save the cute and funny memories for your children.


5./ My Year in Review (YB07V) - Number of photos to use automatic composition in ACBook: 42 photos. See more


6./ Year in Review (YB08V) - Number of photos to use automatic composition in ACBook: 78 photosSee more

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