Wrap and Unwrap Your Christmas Memories

Wrap and Unwrap Your Christmas Memories - Unique Christmas Gifts

When we were young, we all always want to come to Christmas to receive Christmas gifts from Santa at midnight. When we grow up, we are Santa Claus who bring our dear gifts to our friends and relatives.

Wrap and unwrap Your Christmas Memories is the message for the Christmas season this year from Artclick that wants to give everyone suggestions for unique Christmas gifts to the sweet warmth of beautiful memories and loved ones into the gift. Pack your memories into your own personalized gifts or give your loved ones Christmas gifts to friends who can make Christmas gifts for your family. Giving Christmas warm gifts

personalize Christmas Gifts.png

All of the gifts at Artclick are personalized gifts with your own personal images that no one can have, which is unique and special from Artclick, with a variety of designs and products. you can choose the unique Christmas gift for yourself

1. Photobook - Christmas Gift Voucher

On Sale 20% for all Photobook and 25% OFF for the gift voucher on this Christmas


See more the promotion of Photobook


Xmas Photobook - Shopping Time

In addition, Artclick's Christmas Gift Voucher suggests some ideas for you to make a Christmas present for your friends. Because your friends can design or make any product for saving more memories in other important occasions on this gift voucher.


2. X-mas A Set

set xmas A.png

X-mas A: (180.000vnđ/Set) -  Shop Now

- A box with your name on the ribbon 

- Mini photobook size 10x10cm ( maximum for 30 photos )  Design Now

- 2 key chains

3. Love Box Set

love box.png

Love box LB01 | Price:150.000vnd (zigzag + box) - SHOP NOW

The love box including a zigzag album full of love through your own photos or lovely messages.

4. The personalize clock 
A Unique Christmas gift - a desk clock will be a great idea for you to give small lovely gifts for your friends that are placed on desks or small learning corners. The unique thing about Artclick's Christmas gifts is that your Christmas gifts will be extremely meaningful and unique with your images, memories, moments. it keeps them with you in years.

Đồng hồ để bàn giáng sinh.png

X-mas G - Circle clock (11x11cm) - 180.000vnd  Design Now

Square Desk Clock (DHV-20) - 250.000vnđ

5. Photo Cube Set (On Sale 20% OFF)

This is one of the photo gifts that are popular with young people. With the idea of being a gift for friends or lovers in a set - pairing 2-3 cubes to create a complete meaning, each person holds a block containing each other's images to always remember memories when you are together

  •  Photo cubes Set with 2 blocks: 198.000vnđ - 20% OFF - 159.000vnđ - SHOP NOW


  • Photo Cubes Set with 3 blocks: 297.000vnđ -  Sale 238.000vnđ 

Photo cube Xmas.png

Price: 238.000vnđ (1 set – 3 photo cubes) - Design Now

6. Photo Wood

khung anh ep go.png