All Calendar of others which are only one or two kinds of the designed stand of the calendar. The desk calendar from with a range of the calendar stands for customer choosing to make their calendar with the high technology printing from Germany

You can choose the kind of page, a number of pages or even your quality and the color of the calendar stand at a reasonable price.

Enjoy 365 days of your favorite photos personalized with new fonts, designs, and backgrounds.

With the price of 2 types - 13 sheets with 1 and 2 sides (*):
Size 20x20cm: 291.500vnd and 397.000vnd
Size 14x14cm: 163.000vnd and 240.000vnd
(*) the price is included VAT, Not including design service fee and shipping fee

Personalised Calendar template

Hot Air Balloon Color (LB13V1)

A Little Pig Calendar (LB12V2)

Flower Of the Golden Life (LB11V2)

Golden Life (LB10V2)

Water Color Ember 2 (LB09V2)

Fruits (LB08V1)

Colorful watercolor (LB07V1)

Water Color Ember (LB06V2)

Flower (LB05V2)

Flower (LB05V1)

Hand Drawn Season (LB04V2)

Hand Drawn Season (LB04V1)

Decorative Cubes (LB03V2)

Paint Colors (LB02V2)

Paint Colors (LB02V1)

Seasons of love (LB01V2)

Seasons of love (LB01V1)